Come Play for the Day

Short Term Pet boarding in the Carr, CO & Fort Collins, CO area

Does your dog chew on your favorite shoes when you're away? Did you come home to a bored cat standing in front of shredded curtains? When you're at work, your pets have no one to play with.

Keep your pets entertained with short term pet care at Spring Creek Kennels. We're a premiere pet boarding service in Carr, CO with indoor and outdoor play areas.

Your furry friend is sure to have a good time. We'll evaluate their size, age, play style and temperament to find the best group for your cat or dog.

Call us today to speak with our staff about our day care.

Are there benefits to pet day care?

Pet boarding may seem like an intimidating experience, but your beloved dog or cat will thrive in this environment.

Spring Creek Kennels is a certified boarding kennel in Carr, CO. Pet parents enjoy bringing their furry friends to us because our day care service:

  • Provides opportunities to socialize
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduces separation anxiety
  • Relieves boredom

To discover more benefits of short term pet care, contact us now.